Greetings! My name is Bennett Gale and I am the host for The Masters’ Corner.

My life choices became clearly articulated when as a young child I had a powerful vision with Jesus.  I recognized Him immediately and had a deep sense of an already established personal relationship which was later confirmed by St. Germain.  In this vision Jesus picked me up and we flew around the world.  We never touched ground, but came close enough to the surface to observe various groups of people praying.  All I remember is that He gave a short, bittersweet laugh and said “they don’t understand me.”

This simple phrase reconnected me to my soul’s plan created prior to my incarnating.  I felt this great love for Him which has grown exponentially through the years.

This vision and several other unusual experiences as a child ignited my life’s plan and joy.  In my earlier years I immersed myself in the study of psychology and religion.  I became familiar with many types of spiritual practices and movements embracing both Eastern and Western traditions.  It became apparent that gems of knowledge existed everywhere and yet the practice, the reality of living a life of limitless potential rested purely on my own inner knowing.  Yes, guideposts existed everywhere and yet I knew ‘there’s no place like home!’

From childhood on I was an unconscious conduit for more expanded information.   I would often ‘speak’ to my classmates and friends; sharing what I was being given.  I knew that this would evolve into my life’s work.

In the late seventies I started to ‘receive’ messages continuously either through simply ‘hearing’ or finding my fingers actively recording information in a form of co-creative writing.  Years later I discovered the main voices were those of St. Germain and Jesus.

These relationships have expanded dramatically as well as many others with several Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Teachers.   What I’ve been privileged to experience is a vision of what’s truly possible for each of us and as a world society.  This is what I call ‘Unconditional Reality’.

I have been shown this so that I may assist others in moving out of places where they feel locked in and limited.  More so than ever before the tools and techniques to truly effect personal change are available.  It is my privilege to share these.

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  1. Marcia Harp says:

    How excited I am for you. This is truly wonderful!

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