“I remain an optimist!”

This timing we’re all experiencing offers potentials known previously to only a precious few individuals. This is our time to remember our Mastery and that we can dispel all illusions if we choose. In profound respect for all of us who have experienced the loss of loved ones I say to you that death is not inevitable; it is a choice deeply disguised within our maze of Mass Consciousness thinking.

We are eternal and choose to experience this physical reality. Energy is totally flexible and ultimately will respond to what we envision. If we believe in aging, deterioration and the death of the physical body then so be it – that’s what we get.

Consider this: Death is an outdated Concept! It is possible within our Mastery here to stay as long as we choose and ‘leave’ when we feel complete. We have within who we are right now to manifest this reality and to change our biology to stop aging. This is a favorite topic and I will definitely be posting more on this.

Today, however in the spirit of people celebrating ‘Spirits’ I got a chuckle when an epitaph came to mind …. “I remain an optimist!”

Have a wonderful day!

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