The primary focus is to assist people to re-member Who and What they are and to ultimately connect with their I Am presence. As this knowing is internalized the individual’s experiences change dramatically.

Everything is energy here: understanding how we utilize it is at the heart of our communication with ourselves and others.

The work with individuals and groups is based first on facilitating awareness of how all aspects of their lives, to one degree or another, have been shaped by the prevailing paradigm of fear and limitation. The energy of this paradigm is incredibly pervasive and functions powerfully on a cellular level. This has perpetuated many false and limiting beliefs regarding our health, healing and longevity.

And second, to provide perspectives and techniques to assist moving into an expanded sense of self which I call Unconditional Reality; that is based on love, freedom and limitlessness. It is within this reality where miracles exist and our true nature flourishes.

Each session is unique and usually guided by St. Germain. However, it is common for other Ascended Masters and powerful celestial beings to contribute as they see fit. Again, the sessions are designed to assist the client in their own understanding and healing, releasing or transmuting certain energies and expanding others.

The Masters’ Corner sees everyone as a Master. The cornerstone of this is that Everyone is an individualized focus of divinity.

As each person continues their re-membering process a tremendous wave of life enhancing, unconditional energy is released which affects all of us. One by one, each expanding in their own timing with their own experiences is how great change is created for all.

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