Reality is way more that what is seen on the surface. Indeed to even say it is multi-dimensional is somewhat limiting. It is never ending – as there is no end to creativity and imagination so there is no end to reality and what is possible. Of course universes continue to expand and be created and then some eventually cease to exist. It is the same as ideas and institutions on this planet. When ideas and plans have energy invested they take on a life of their own and flourish. However, as interest wanes they eventually atrophy and often fall into obscurity. Look at how many ancient societies have been on this planet, many of which haven’t even been discovered! And those that have often by mere relics. Whole societies vanished!

So it is with planets and universes. They have function and purpose but that can change and as that happens, so does their life force. The ‘idea’ of them ceases to be important.

What stymies so many thinking of infinity is they try to conceive of it all from a material realm. “well certainly the room of the universe can only hold so much – or, you can only go so far when eventually hit some wall; and then what’s on the other side of the wall?” and so forth. Everything is an idea, it exists in the mind of Creator. It is not a matter of space and time as three dimensional folks believe, it is multi-dimensional and exists as thought: pure thought applied in an infinity of ways. And it is constantly changing. The eternal ‘now’ is constant and ever changing. Nothing new on planet earth when it comes to consciousness: same as it is here it is the same everywhere.

When you have an idea, does it run up against a wall imposed by space? No, it does not. The only limitation is the imagination, and given fresh ideas the idea continues to expand without limit. This is the nature of consciousness. There are no limits and there is no end. Certainly a state of what is called ‘cosmic consciousness’ exists and there is a merging; a glorious bliss transcending any and everything previously known. There is a sense of being one, but there is the identity and curiosity and unfolding. It continues brother, it continues albeit in ways hard to conceive from the standpoint of three-dimensionality.

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