What are your dreams?  Are you living them?  Or have they faded into obscurity: no longer viable because of the day to day pressures?  We all have a dream/s.   Some are so close we can taste them and others we may have forgotten. We want you to experience your dream; your greatest vision of you. Plain and simple!

There are mountains of reasons why things may not be occurring the way you want them to. What’s really important is understanding the energy behind what’s manifesting in your life. Everything is energy, and energy can be adapted in whatever ways you choose … once you know how.

Our time together is designed to give you valuable insights and suggestions from various Ascended Masters and many powerful multi-dimensional beings. The approach, however,  comes largely from the guidance and continuous relationship with St. Germain.

Permanent solutions lie in recognizing, understanding and utilizing your own power; in essence, your own Mastery.  Many techniques and life-changing perspectives will be shared to immediately begin your process of change.

Please allow a few extra minutes per session for ‘chat’ time.


I no longer ‘charge’ for my session work. The paradigm has shifted from setting fees which can limit some who otherwise could benefit, and also inhibit others who are financially abundant from sharing commensurate to the value they feel they’ve received.  In short, our abundance exchange becomes a matter of mutual trust and honoring.  It is a co-creation and a fair exchange keeps the flow from becoming stagnant and counter productive.  My experience is that each contributes what they can and what feels ‘complete.’  Choose a 1/2 hour or 1 hour session.  If you are interested in the mentoring program, together we will create a mutually satisfying agreement.

Session Time

Bennett can be contacted at:
Sessions available in person, by phone or Skype//(530) 471-5896 or (530) 261-2005

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