Struggle? What struggle?

The funny part about what so many here call struggle is that whatever the dynamics may be they are of our own choosing. Mass consciousness here supports polarity, it supports suffering. And we chose to experience it; all of it. There’s no judgment, it’s all good.

And yet the grand irony is that to move past all of this indicates that sooner or later you are willing to leave it all behind. Yes, enjoy all the experiences that you choose and yet the drama, the suffering, the pain and angst associated with much of human experience no longer resonates. They are dim memories, shadows of another life. The voices of the associations and echoes of past responses are historical curiosities. We look upon them with love and compassion for they are part of who we are and yet they no longer hold our attention.

We are here for the experiences and for many to assist each other in our evolution. One perspective I find amusing, is that it’s almost as if we come here to leave.

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  1. Struggle is only in someone’s life when being not satisfied with life and the own actions in life. Without challenges, without problems to dissolve to live better we would feel just bored in life.

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