1. “Bennett’s immense wisdom and love is extraordinary. His gift of insight and perspective has empowered me to raise my spiritual resonance, bringing me inner clarity, serenity and peace.”

In appreciation,
Rozanne Taucher – Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.
Documentary Film Maker

2. “Bennett simplifies the most complicated of situations. He listens to you and supports you with compassion and honesty. Bennett will help guide you to the truth of your highest self.”

Tracy M
Well Known Hollywood Acting Coach

3. “Bennett has consistently reflected the wisdom of the Masters in our discussions. He gently enables the individual to understand what they have created and offers practical applications to effect profound changes in their lives.”

Katherine M.
Writer, Editor and Energetic Healer

4. “Bennett is a very gifted channel who has an array of Light Beings who work through him, most notably St. Germain and a team of Goddesses.

“The information is clear and immediately assists in the transformation process from the high level of energy that is coming through.

“Each session is unique and perfectly aligned to the needs of the client’s soul walk in this Now.”

A. R. Kaiser
Spiritual Visionary & Teacher

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