The “Express” Mentoring Program

The paradigm shift is already here! It’s easy to see that our world is in a state of flux, with the old often reluctant to bend to the new. So many of our institutions are reeling, with their foundations simply crumbling beneath them!

And yet these are simply the signs of transition. What is required to live in freedom, wellness and true abundance is an expanded sense of self and how we each choose to utilize ourselves from this new, unlimited perspective. This is accomplished by developing a profound sense of how your energy is working and where it is blocked, then applying simple, yet profound techniques to bring you into a true ‘re-membrance’ state.

The ‘Paradigm Shift Mentoring Program’ is a profound and life changing experience designed for those who truly wish to create and live their greatest vision of who they are!

This three month commitment is designed to increase and expedite your evolution.

Your mentoring includes:

• One individual session per week with Bennett and the assistance of St. Germain.
• Depending on your situation other Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Gaia and many other extraordinary energetic beings may choose to participate.
• Unlimited telephone/internet access with Bennett to help clarify and deepen the session information.
• Bennett will assist you to remove the beliefs and blockages locked within your body so that true, meaningful and permanent changes happen.
• Specific techniques and approaches to maximize You.
• Learning to truly balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within you; achieving a blessed state of balance.

“Dear Bennett

“I just wanted to send you a message of thanks and to encourage anyone who is ready for this amazing time of transition to explore this program that you are offering – I feel blessed for this opportunity. It is not often we get to work ‘one on one’ with someone of your caliber.

“What I’d like to say to anyone considering this program … if you know that things are beginning to change, if you can feel it in your body, mind and spirit … If you are looking to discover – or rather Re-discover who you truly are, then let me assure you; you are not here reading this by accident. ~The true essence of who you are, has lead you to the most perfect place for you to re-member.

“I had been on a long road of self-discovery when by ‘chance’ – (yes…that makes me smile too), I came across Bennett Gale. Mind you, I live in Australia and yet I found my way to this amazing teacher and program.

“I have had the joy of studying many different philosophies and teachings; I have always been fascinated by the world around me.

“Bennett understands and teaches these profound concepts energetically and from the heart. He is gifted in so many ways; his understanding, knowledge and connection to the unseen world of energy and love are second to none. Bennett not only ‘knows’ these things, he KNOWS them in every cell of his body and is able to eloquently and precisely teach and guide those who are ready.

“So if you are ready to take this next step into your own transition then I would highly recommend that you participate in Bennett’s “Paradigm Shift Mentoring Program” now – as we approach this very interesting, exciting and intense time of change. There is a great pull for this paradigm shift in our world and our hearts – and the time is now. Discover it for yourself.

“Thank you Bennett for the wonderful work you do in assisting us in this time of transition.”

Written with love and appreciation –
Andrea Irwin – Gold Coast Australia

The suggested contribution is $399 per month and all sessions and conversations will be recorded.

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