The “Express” Train has arrived!

I bring exciting news! This past Sunday (2/27) I was gifted with the awareness of a new and powerful energetic ‘dispensation’. I heard “this is an express train” for those who are truly committed to their personal evolution.

This is so powerful that even many of the previous modalities for personal growth and healing may be bypassed. For those of you well into your own conscious process this gift can even move past old familial and ‘karmic’ energetics residing within your field.

For those who are new to all of this and yet feel strongly that there is quite a change occurring and that a much greater vision of what life can be is possible …. we say welcome!

Most of us are familiar with the concept of taking a chance, a ‘leap of faith’, or a willingness to jump off the cliff. The implicit understanding is that in your desire for true change you will be supported and that the ‘leap’ will be more like a soft landing on new and improved ground. This is true and I encourage all of you to proceed. The Express train is for those who have either already jumped off a cliff or two, or find that the cliffs aren’t ‘high’ enough. The Express train is for those willing to jump out of the plane without a parachute!

In either case, I and my guidance support you wholeheartedly. Believe me friends …. the time is NOW for all of us to move into our mastery and regardless of your present location on this extraordinary road – be it a first venture onto the station, enjoying the ‘local’ train ride or feeling ready for the Express – my Beloved Masters and I honor you and hold you all as sacred.

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