Trust – Part 1

The trust we speak of has to do with allowing yourself to truly be divine. Being divine is being a part of All That Is. You are tapped into the source of creation itself. Everything in this reality is a manifestation and manipulation of energy. It is one huge energy game whose rules are begging to be broken. They have been broken many times before but never by the masses.

The way most humans live their lives is fatalistic: “This is the way it is!” No it isn’t!

It is the same with living this life. Most of the rules that humans live by are meant to be broken. Aging and dying for example. It is possible to completely reprogram your body for rejuvenation to a dramatic degree. Can you become younger? Of course. Can you change your vibration so that you can come and go, consciously know your other selves and travel into other dimensions? Can you interact with matter so that it becomes invisible? Yes.

Are you limited by your physicality, mentality, environmental reality? No. But on one level you have convinced yourselves that you are and that sickness and dying are an inevitable part of the human situation. The trust that we speak of is not about hoping and praying, it is about knowing that you are part of the divine and essentially are limitless within a defined form (which you continually redefine).

As you allow for this truth to become yours’ all the “miracles” of manifestation will start to appear. This is the way it works for everyone!


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