“We’re not in Kansas anymore….”

Two days ago it was 100 degrees; the next day the temperature dropped leaving a fair amount of new snow on the mountain. Two weeks ago it was 80 degrees and we had a strong hail storm. The winter was long; Spring lasted three days and already the new cold season has introduced itself. This has happened before of course. And yet, these seasonal irregularites and the perception of how time just doesn’t feel the same are symptoms of a larger energetic shift going on across the planet.

Everything is becoming enhanced. The polarities of Love and fear are becoming exaggerated. The systems of how we have run this planet for centuries are coming unglued and this energy shift is causing those who choose to stay in fear – those who feel powerless and those who feel they are in power to become desperate to maintain at least their status quo. On the other hand (same body, however) those who are open to the energy of Love and Freedom are seeing the incredible potentials this new energy can afford.

In this our initial post I share with you the perspective of seeing yourselves part of the new energy, the new paradigm that is powerfully moving into place. Sure, we all have situations, energetics that our beliefs have created that are doing their best to hold on and cause the same, predictable havoc in our lives. And yet, the light is shining ever brighter distributing true Freedom, Peace and Love unconditionally. So let’s enjoy it together, yes?

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