“Who are You?”

One day as the Master walked amongst the beautiful gardens surrounding his home he came upon an adoring student and after they shared their greetings said: “Dear One, what do you see when you gaze upon that which I AM?”

To which the student said: “I see a wondrous being whose knowledge and abilities I can barely understand. I see one worthy of my love and adoration. I look upon you as a god!”

The Master replied: “And how is it you are able to see these things?”

The student was confused. “I do not understand your question Master.”

“The Truth is that you can only see what you already know! I am a reflection of that which you already are. The difference that you perceive between us is that I have re-membered Who and What I AM just as you, in your own timing will also do.

“So, the ‘god’ that you see in me is the ‘god’ that you are!”

With that the Master held his hands together, honoring the light within his student and said: “peace be with you Master,” and continued on his walk.

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