Words from the Masters

(March 3, 2011)

Dear Ones – We bid you a heartfelt ‘hello’ and wish to share a few perspectives. From our vantage point we say that this ‘time’ that you are experiencing is full of promise and new potentials for all of you. We suggest, for we will never tell you to do something; that you have all expanded past the point of ‘needing’ to control others or validate that which you are by asserting your ‘ego’.

Know that what is called here as ‘the personality’ although mightily important and useful is but an aspect of that which you are. Each of you is so much more than what you have believed to be ‘you’. So let us lay down our commitments to finite propositions, to repeating ‘solutions’ to our world conditions by utilizing the same methods borne out of limitation and ego. Embrace all that you and your neighbor are – One without separation and let the ‘magic’ of a new perspective begin!

(September 16, 2010)

Today our suggestion is to simply relax. That is about as simple as it can get, is it not? And yet this society, this mass consciousness truly doesn’t support relaxation and being and, for the most part, does not understand it: for it is a concept that goes way beyond taking a few moments out to recline on a chaise lounge. True relaxation is a reflection of that which all of you are. It is freedom: freedom in its completeness and in its subtlety. Freedom is not only about the ability to do whatever you choose, for yourself and without controlling or dominating any others. It is quite a bit more than that. Freedom is a state of being in which no thing, no thought, no action can diminish that which you are.

There is a comfort that goes beyond words: truly, the peace that passeth all understanding. In fact, it cannot be understood for it is the nature of All There Is, the nature of God/Goddess and as such is without limitation. What can be understood can be defined. And how can you define something that has no limits?

True relaxation, true freedom is in the alignment of that which you perceive yourself to be here with all that you truly are. And all that you truly are is not separate from the great essence that is called here God. So there is no thing more powerful than you and in truth, there is no thing that can harm or diminish you save for what you choose to experience.

However, everyone here has agreed to experience to varying degrees limitation and the constructs of mass consciousness beliefs to experience this reality, this shift and ultimately to expand it and their particular life stream perspectives into fullness with All There Is.

As you know, there has always been room for a few of us to do this while being in the flesh. However, as a planetary evolvement, this is the first time. There have been cultures that have moved themselves into higher frequencies and still do exist although they are ‘invisible’ to the three dimensional world. That will be changing in part quite soon.

The more you simply relax in the profound sense of the word, the quicker all things come to you.

Look into the depths of ‘enjoy’. So indeed, relax and enjoy.

You are so loved. Namaste

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